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My journey

Originally from the Bassin d'Arcachon, I settled in Langres after stays in Saint-Étienne, Berlin and Bratislava. So, technically, this little town in Haute-Marne belongs to the Grand-Est region, but it's ideally situated for me to cover your wedding in Burgundy, France, or anywhere in the world.

An adventurer at heart, I know Berlin like the back of my hand, have a Brazilian passport and have learned to negotiate in Khmer with Phnom Penh's tuk-tuk drivers. So I'm ready to photograph your adventures, whatever they may be!

Trained as an engineer, I had known for a long time that photography would be my profession. In 2017, I attended the wedding of a classmate. The next step was obvious: I was going to be a wedding photographer.

I like people. I love to see you happy. I love to see you share these strong, sincere moments with your friends, your parents, your loved ones. I love photographing them. I love this demanding specialty, which allows me both to express my art and my technique, and to experience all these emotions with you.

I'm really lucky to be a wedding photographer.

I'm Oliver, not Olivier!

The mistake on my first name? Classic. If you call me correctly on the first try, I can assure you it will please me!

The first name sounds Anglo-Saxon, but it comes from my Brazilian mother, a country where first names are often original: she could have called me Ludwig von Beethoven or Alain Delon, but I avoided the worst. If I'd thought that living in Berlin, Germans wouldn't make any mistakes, I didn't count on the proud Berliners who knew: "Ach, Olivier in France!"

In any case, these experiences have made me fluent in English, German and Brazilian Portuguese .

Newlyweds dancing in a snowy garden

My hobbies

I play tennis, cycle (much less than I'd like to), I'm a Sixers and French biathlon team fan, I took up chess after watching The Queen's Gambit, I love cooking (especially for my wife), reading fantasy (Katz or Jaworski, anyone?) and Piketty books, dance until noon in a Berlin club, play board games (4 Gods, RFTG), add parentheses to my sentences, read photo books, look at photos. And above all, take photos.




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